Start date: Feb-Mar '24

Enroll by: February 1st

Learn the fastest route to testing Paid Social

What you'll learn

  • Best practice account setup for early stage ads testing

  • The most essential parts of Ads Manager and nothing more

  • A framework for creative experimentation

Who's this for?

  • UK-based consumer startup or early-stage brand

  • Spending £1-5k/month on Meta

  • 9 months runway

  • Commitment to share learnings with community

Learning Paid Social can feel daunting with seemingly infinite options like audience, placement, bidding types, optimisation methods, copy and so much more. And that's before you get to the most important part: what your creative actually says and looks like.

This Accelerator is designed to help you shortcut that learning.

Understanding if paid social is a channel that will work for you doesn't come down to understanding an ad platform, it comes down to understanding your customer and product-channel fit. We will teach you the essentials to get going on paid social.

Paid Social will likely be your channel if you're a consumer brand

Your marketing channels are dictated by your business model, product, and audience. And for the vast majority of challenger brands or early-stage consumer startups, that will mean paid social. Why? Because it's one of the few platforms suited for a product where the audience currently doesn't know it exists.

Think of Paid Social like more accessible TV or print or radio advertising. It reaches people who don't your product is around yet. But unlike those channels, it's cost effective and designed to reach people who are looking to shop.

Why we're running this accelerator

Ballpoint is made up of former founders, in-house growth leads, and senior marketers. Yes, we have experience running seven-figure accounts – but importantly, we also have built many accounts from 0.

As former founders, we also now firsthand how important your own brand is to you. We know how protective you are of runway, and we've heard all of the horror stories about costs of Facebook ads.

If you can get paid social working properly, it's one of the surest indicators that you can build an incredibly large business. If you can't get it working, then you're going to have a far greater struggle and will need a very different growth strategy. Too often the question is 'is it the channel, or is it how we're running it?'

We want to help you find that answer. What in growth, we'd call "product-channel fit" – the understanding of whether your product works on a channel or not.

Ballpoint Paid Social Accelerator: Cohort One

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