Ballpoint identity of a ball and a point.

Ballpoint is a creative growth agency for founders and heads of growth


Paid acquisition

The core of what we do is paid acquisition across paid social (Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn Pinterest), paid search, and conversion (landing pages & conversion rate optimisation).

Creative studio

Paid social growth today relies on creative – and it doesn't look like the creative of the 2010s. Our creative process is native to the platforms, with a team of creators whose primary experience is social.

Full-service growth

Whether you're pre-product market fit or have a retention issue you need to crack, we will build bespoke service plans to meet your growth goals.


How growth is changing

Technology has changed. Consumer privacy expectations evolved. Platforms have grown more democratic and more competitive. The methods and techniques of growth that were common in the 2010s, no longer work.

First principles

Who is your customer? Why do they behave in the way they do? What are the cultural artifacts that they hold to be true? What is their Job to be Done? Only through understanding this can you make paid acquisition work in the 2020s.


Growth is not a startup word for marketing. It is the engine that dictates how your business can grow: the component parts, systems, and processes. We optimise your entire engine, and grow by leaning in to it.

Optimise for learning

We improve your core metrics that matter – LTV, CM3, volume – yes, but the true thing we optimise for is rate of learning. Why? It takes 10,000s of experiments to become a unicorn, pace is the only name of the game.


Why Ballpoint? We’re a creative growth agency built for founders and heads of growth.

We’ve scaled brands from zero to tens of millions, and have the experience to help you unlock your next level of growth.

Founded by Josh Lachkovic, who was a former startup founder, and early stage hire at some of Europe's fastest growing startups.

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Ballpoint is the trading name of Hour Five Ltd, Office 7 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, England, EC4M 7JN